and she says… back.


finally back in brunei. =D been looking forward to this for a while now.

the 14hour flight wasnt that bad for me, but the transit period was too short, didnt get to buy what i was supposed to. slept about 12 hours, so i was up bright and early at 6am brunei time this morning. it feels weird to be so fully awake at 10am in nbd while im on summer break. i usually gets out of bed at 12ish.

went to sungailiang’s blue house for fried kuay teow, chilled at home for a bit, had some great laughs, internet’s not that bad (quite fast when im surfing, but download is a totally different business), got to see the kids, nice dinner, didnt have to sleep in the afternoon, get to ‘play’ in the decent rain for a bit, weather aint that bad tho it’s already super hot for me.

not a bad start of my summer break eyyy. (=

7:30pm and im ready to sleeeeeeeep. imma just watch an episode of ncis, so i can wait till 7:53pm. then sleepy time it is.

more fooding tomorrow. eeeeeep. =D


and she says… wrong decade??

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sometimes when i come across documentaries from a few decades ago, i think im born in the wrong decade.

dont get me wrong, i appreciate and LOVE all these creations that we have right now. the internet, the gadgets, the connectivity that we get nowadays, the virtual stuff, the internet, gosh i love the internet.

but the music.

whenever im  watching all these oldskool documentaries about all these singers and bands, and see all these video clips. gosh. those were the good times for music. the black and white videos, of simple stage, plain set, and just them singers/band members on it doing their thang. and the whole crowd just singing along.

you can see it in their faces, they dont need explosive sets, and dramatic stages, and superb lightning, or anything like that. they are enjoying the music greatly. because those were good music. it doesnt matter if there’s something wrong with the light, because there is still music, and the music is good. it doesnt matter if there’s something wrong with the backup singers, or the sound systems dont work, because there’s still music, and they are good at singing. and you can see it in the faces of the people in the crowd, how much they are enjoying the music. good music.

and she says… home.

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im homeee!! =D

parents came to manchester the day after i finished my exams. they spent a night in manchester chilling/cleaning up my apartment, while i packed.

a bit of shopping the next day, the weather was crap, and off we go.

back in norwich for another 2 weeks or so. but my long long (4 months) summer break has begun. =D

follow the instructions.

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and she says… how sweet.

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and she says… formspring.

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so i registered a formspring account, because yall know im kiasu like that. i need to have an account with all these social networks or whatever you call them.

so i registered them, but i never go back and look at it again. i think i put the links to them question once on fb, and once on twitter. and that’s it. i didnt even bother checking it again. haha.

check it today, and im surprised i got questions. lol. time to answer. i guess. heh.

and she says… free games.

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for yall who owns an iphone and/or ipot, go to app store and download openfeint game spotlight. NOW.

after downloading the app (it’s free), you get the little icon on your screen. (okay i know i have 11 little dots there on my screen. i love my apps okay. haha. i cant wait for folders, coz i want to download more games. hahaha. i have 32gb okay so shut up.)


click on the app…

photo 2.jpg

wait for it to load…

and tadaaaaaa… FREEGAMES. you get at least 1 new FREE game everyday. just click on the link, it will bring you to app store, and download them games! =D

you usually have to buy these games, but for at least one day, you get them for free!! =D some games stay free for more than a day, but they are usually free for just one day. and these games are full games, not those lite craps. and you dont have to pay anything. none at all. openfeint gamespot is a free app!! =D

photo 3.jpg

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